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Doctor Aaron

Shearman, D.D.S.

Our Butte Dental Office

Butte Dentistry provides a variety of dental services for the whole family. Our dental focus is preventative care and restorations designed for longevity. Butte Dentistry with Dr. Shearman is located at 830 Sampson Street in Butte, Montana.

Butte Dentistry Staff

Aaron Shearman D.D.S., Dentist
Aaron Shearman D.D.S., Butte Dentistry
As Butte continues to change and improve it draws new talent to the area. Dr. Aaron Shearman came to Butte to provide quality dental care to our community. Originally from Bozeman, Dr. Shearman and his wife were living in Seattle and wanted to come back to Montana. After looking at different options and opportunities they decided Butte was the...
Brandi M. , Dental Assistant (CDA)
Brandi M. , Butte Dentistry
Brandi M. has been a dental assistant for 15 years and runs everything behind the scenes. She is a hard worker that is always three steps ahead. There is no one quite as efficient as her and she is a great resource having seen so much done in a dental office. Brandi is an irreplaceable part of the office being able to multitask and handle anything...
Colleen, Dental Hygienist (RDH)
Darlene, Office Administrator
Darlene, Butte Dentistry
Darlene is everyone's favorite smile as they walk in the door. She is a kind, caring person that is the usual voice people here when they call. Darlene had been with Dr. O'Neill for over 20 years and continues to be a key piece of the team with Dr. Shearman. She has nine darling grandchildren who she spends her free time with going to there games...
Michelle, Dental Assistant
Sasha, Dental Hygienist (RDH)
Sasha is a hygienist at our office. Sasha's main focus is to help you improve your home care and take care of most preventive aspects of oral health. Her thoughtful suggestions are sincere and helpful. People appreciate her genuine compassion for oral health.
Sonya, Office Manager
Sonya, Butte Dentistry
Sonya grew up in Montana and moved to Butte a few years ago. She enjoys exercising, reading, and playing with her dog. If you have a question regarding your insurance she is the person to go to. Having worked with all the insurance plans we've seen in our office she can help sort out any questions and knows what to expect.