How Long Does a Dental Implant Take? Whats an Implant Timeline?

Implant #30 X-RaysMost Dental Implants will take a minimum of four months and a maximum of twelve months. The bone around the implant needs time to heal and integrate into the jaw. The biggest difference in how long it will take is due to the amount of available bone. If there is not enough bone initially for a dental implant to replace a missing tooth or tooth that is doomed we need to add bone and graft the area. After grafting the area the healing begins and we will leave the area alone for four to six months before placing the implant.

If there is enough bone to allow the implant to be placed or if the bone graft has healed then typically we wait four months after placing an implant before putting a crown on top.

Theoretically if bone grafting was done in January then an implant could be placed in July and lastly the crown would be placed in November. These are general guidelines and after an assessment of the bone available and whether or not a tooth needs to be taken out Dr. Shearman will give you specifics on what is expected. We know your time is important to you and will always try to maximize what we are able to accomplish in a dental visit and get you a tooth to chew on and  looks great as soon as we can.

When can a dental implant be placed immediately and when do you have to delay implant placement?

In the majority of cases we can place a dental implant into the area of a missing or broken tooth. A dental implant should be about equal in size to the natural tooth root its replacing. When there is not a lot of bone surrounding the area where the root was then we need to make room for the dental implant by widening the bone in the area. In order to prepare the area for a dental implant bone graft is placed in the area. The bone graft acts as a scaffolding and support structure for the natural processes of your body to thicken the bone. After the appropriate healing time, which depends on the size and location of the missing tooth, the bone in the area to support the implant is your bone that replaced the bone graft material. Its important to keep the area clean and healthy during the healing phase. We usually will have something to replace the missing tooth in the area as well.

What makes up a Dental Implant?

The components for a Dental Implant to replace a tooth are the implant itself which replaces the root of a tooth, abutment which connects the implant to a crown andDental Implant vs Tooth helps form a natural profile out of the gum tissue, and lastly the crown itself. A dental implant is made of a medical grade titanium similar to what is used in joint replacements. The abutment (connecting piece) and crown can be made from a range of different materials in order to give us the most functional and natural looking replacement tooth.

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