I need all my teeth taken out, Is there a better option than Dentures? I’ve heard about Permanent Dentures, Snap-In Dentures, Implant Overdentures what are they?

20131104-Quality Dentures 00 copyWhether due to periodontal disease or cavities a portion of the population ends up not having any teeth left. Approximately 23 million people have no teeth also known as edentulism. To replace a full mouth that no longer has teeth there are a few options. The most common is dentures also referred to as false teeth or dental plate.

A denture is made of acrylic and is held in the mouth by the soft tissue. An upper denture will usually fit reasonably well because it has the ability to suction to the roof of the mouth. A lower denture usually has little retention due to the tongue being on the floor of the mouth and movement while chewing and talking can pop the lower denture out of place. Part of having a denture is using your muscles to hold it in place, some people adapt better than others when it comes to dentures.Maxillary Overdenture

The best way to help keep a denture in place and to make it so that you are able to eat and chew the foods you want is by taking advantage of dental implants. Dental implants are placed into the jaw bone and allowed to heal. After a few months the denture will be adapted to accept a snap in type piece that will connect the denture to the implant. A snap-in implant denture has a few names including an implant overdenture or implant supported denture. With an implant overdenture the denture can be removed making it easy to clean. Usually a snap in denture will require a minimum of four implants for an upper denture and a minimum of two implants for the lower denture. By adding additional implants the denture will of course become more stable and secure. With an upper implant overdenture the biggest benefit of adding implants compared to a traditional denture is being able to Upper Implant Snap In Dentureeliminate the section of denture that covers the roof of the mouth. A horse shoe shape of the denture helps alleviate any gagging from a denture and also makes foods taste better because there are tastebuds on the roof of our mouth. With traditional dentures you only have 20% of the biting force of natural teeth, adding implants will get back some of that biting power and allow you to chew more foods.

Most of our patients do very well with an implant snap in denture some would like even more security and comfort with their dental prosthesis. It is very possible to make a denture that is screwed into place and only taken out by the dentist. The upside is that it feels very much like natural teeth, reduces a lot of the bulk of a traditional denture, and allows you to eat and smile without worry or thinking about your false teeth. A screw in denture can also be called Screw-Retained hybrid denture, fixed denture, permanent dentures, All-On-4 (Nobel Biocare Trademark name made popular by ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers), and Prettau Bridge (ZirkonZahn Trademark). ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers focus almost exclusively on these type of screw-in-dentures. The downside to a screw-retained denture is that it is often difficult to clean and must be well taken care of at home. The benefit of using four to six implants in an arch and then making a hybrid denture to screw into the implants or an implant bar is that you can have a prosthesis that is firm in place but does not require the cost of individual teeth being replaced with individual implants and crowns. A permanent denture can be a great option for a lot of patients who no longer want to feel like they wear a denture. ImplantHybridDenture4-8Fixtures

The last option is to replace individual teeth with individual implants and crowns. Giving each missing tooth an implant makes cleaning your implants just like cleaning natural teeth. This is the most natural feeling way to replace a mouth that is missing all its teeth but can take a while to complete and has significant cost attached to it.

The best way to find out the solution that will work for you is to sit down and discuss your goals and concerns. We like to start with a consult and work with you to come up with a game plan that suits your needs and budget. Our implants are reasonably priced and when coupled with dentures we offer package pricing starting at an affordable price.



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2 Responses to “I need all my teeth taken out, Is there a better option than Dentures? I’ve heard about Permanent Dentures, Snap-In Dentures, Implant Overdentures what are they?”

  1. Anthony Krapedd says:

    The complaints come long after the work is done and there is no recourse. For this very reason I use the team at Precision Esthetics for all my lab cases. Whether its IPS emax Press, Prettau, Zirconia restorations or just removable or partial dentures, I get great quality work from them and my patients leave satisfied and haven’t had to return for manufacture complaints. They offer European quality products made in America.

  2. Dr. Shearman says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I only use labs in the United States and have gone a step further to only use labs in Montana. By using Montana dental labs I like being able to chat in person at different dental meetings, in their lab, or at my office. I use Butte Dental Arts, G&M Ceramics, Western Dental Prosthetics, and Aesthetic Oral Arts.