Sealants; What are sealants and why do my kids teeth need them?

Sealants are one of the best ways to prevent cavities, along with fluoride, from ever occurring. Dental caries or tooth decay often occurs on the biting surface of back teeth. Each tooth has a unique shape that usually has deep grooves in them. Plaque, which causes cavities, can easily get caught in these grooves. A toothbrush and regular brushing helps to clear out the plaque and bacteria after eating but the bristles are not quite small enough to get into the grooves of all teeth.

20140223-Office-0376When a sealant is placed on a molar tooth the first step is to clean off the tooth. Now that the tooth is clean and dry the sealant, which is a thin covering over the grooves, is placed and then cured with a light. This simple process is painless and requires about 5 minutes per tooth, we try to do this at the same time as a dental cleaning so your child does not have to miss any additional school.

We recommend having sealants placed on back permanent molars when children visit the dentist around age 6-7 and then again around age 12-13. Each child will get their adult teeth or molars at different times but these are general guidelines. On occasion we will recommend dental sealants on baby teeth or for adults. Preventing cavities is always our number one goal and sealants are a great way to keep teeth healthy.

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