New Years Resolution for a Healthy Smile

New Years is a time when we think about losing weight, quitting smoking, changing bad habits, and generally living a healthier lifestyle. 2016 is just starting and its time to make resolutions for a healthier happier smile. Here are some simple great ideas to improve your overall health through a healthier mouth.

  • Brush Twice a Day for Two Minutes, time yourself to make sure you are actually spending the time necessary and not just rushing through it.
  • Floss, that dreaded white string that seems to escape your normal routines. Try flossing while in the shower, before bed, or while watching tv.
  • Cut back on drinking soda pop, sugary coffee, or energy drinks. Each sip changes the pH of your mouth and creates an acid environment that is harmful for teeth.
  • Lastly visit the dentist regularly.

Insurances generally roll over in January so start off on the right foot and get scheduled in before January slips away.

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