Dental Sealants

Sealants prevent cavities from forming in the grooves of teeth which is one of the main areas cavities start.

The best time for sealants is when the teeth first erupt. Children’s Dental Care

Step 1. When a sealant is performed on a tooth we start by isolating the tooth. Dental Sealants 0- Initial


Step 2. Once the tooth is dried it is cleaned with a blue etch

to make the sealant material adhere to the tooth. 

Dental Sealants 1- Etching

Step 3. Thirty seconds go by and then the blue etch is rinsed off.

Next the sealant is placed in a thin layer in the grooves of the tooth.

Dental Sealants 2- Sealant

Step 4. The dental sealant material is then light cured for twenty seconds.

Dental Sealants 3- Light Cure

This thin layer of material seals out the bacteria from getting

into areas that the toothbrush will not reach.

Dental Sealants 4- Finished

Dental Sealants 5 - Finished


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