Preventing tooth decay with help from Vitamin D

We recently had a patient concerned about the number of new cavities they had. Looking at their medical history to see what had changed we noted vitamin D supplements had been added recently. So the question came up, can low vitamin D lead to cavities? Further research into the top lead us to the conclusion that low vitamin D levels can contribute to cavities as well as the bone supporting the teeth.

With help from vitamin D along with proper dental hygiene vitamin D is important along with calcium in prevention of tooth decay. Getting the proper amount of vitamin D starts with pregnancy to help with development and formation of the teeth of the baby.

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to an increase in tooth decay and increase risk of weakening the bone and leading to tooth loss. Gingivitis can also develop due to lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D can be obtained through exposure to sunlight and your body producing the vitamin D food such as dairy, and supplements. In addition to proper nutrition and good dental home care, be sure to see your detest for regal exams and advice on healthy teeth.

The overall conclusion is that a overall healthy diet and lifestyle leads to less tooth decay. So remember to eat right and visit the dentist regularly.

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