Love your smile!

Anterior Smile Make Over - Butte Dentistry -03This week we’ve had a few different patients that we have begun comprehensive dental care on that made comments that made us realize how much an unhealthy mouth can really affect someone. Being embarrassed to eat in public or smile is a more common problem than people may realize.

So what would cause someone to not want to smile. Some reasons to not like your smile can be because of color, shape, crooked teeth, spaced teeth, or missing teeth. By taking the first step to changing your life and visiting our office you can begin to enjoy life more and smile with pride.

Avoiding eating in public because of your teeth? We can do something for you to make your enjoy social settings again and feel comfortable. The number of people that are wearing dentures and concerned they may come out at the wrong time is unsettling. If you feel like you avoid eating in public we can offer solutions that will improve your life. Cosmetic and Functional

Our dental office is friendly and inviting. We would love to sit down with you and figure out how we can make your smile healthy and happy. No matter if you are embarrassed to smile or worried your denture may come out there are solutions that are affordable.

Call us today (406)494-1316 to schedule a visit to improve your smile.

You don’t have to travel to Denver or Seattle to a ClearChoice Dental Implant Center to make a positive change for your smiles. Stop by or call our office and we would love to chat about what you want to do for yourself and your smile.

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