Dentures – What You Should Know Before

Your mouth affects your entire life. Good nutrition, clear speech, and a pleasant smile are important to your physical and mental well-being. Healthy teeth and gums directly affect your quality of life. As a dental office our goal is to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for your entire life. Unfortunately sometimes teeth are not saveable but even if you should lose all or some of your natural teeth, your mouth will still need regular professional dental care. If you wear dentures it is still important to see a dentist for routine check ups and quality denture services.

A Dentist’s Professional Experience is needed with a denture for the following services:

  • Review of your health history and how your oral health is affected by your medications, diseases, and conditions.
  • Thorough examination, both visually and with x-rays. Problems are not always readily seen. Cyst, tumors, inflammation, loss of bone, teeth or roots under the gums hidden, and improper jaw position can all cause future denture and health problems. Your mouth must be healthy to wear dentures comfortably.
  • Correction of oral problems. Only your dentist can determine if any teeth can be saved to support a denture or if they must be removed. Our office examines each tooth and discusses with you what options are possible with your teeth and costs.
  • Preparation of detailed impressions of your mouth. Once a denture is the treatment plan it is important to start with a quality impression that will be the basis for the denture.
  • Measurement of the alignment and space between your jaws (your bite). Small errors can cause the final denture to not fit or work smoothly. The muscles of your face can pull incorrectly and cause loss of the bony support or discomfort.
  • Examination and adjustment of the completed dentures in our mouth.
  • Follow up examination of your mouth. Immediate and future visits are necessary to make sure that your mouth stays healthy and attractive, and that your dentures are comfortable and working properly.
  • Counseling. Early stages of denture wear are crucial. During the initial weeks of wearing dentures there are adaptations that will need to take place in order to get used to talking and chewing with dentures in. At first it will feel like a mouth full. Dr. Shearman will sit down and discuss with you common things that arise and what to expect.20131104-Quality Dentures 01

Oral Care Doesn’t Stop with Complete Dentures
Your body changes over time. The changing shape of the bone and gums will slowly affect the way your dentures fit and work in your mouth. Most people could benefit from a reline every 2-3 years but may not know it. Our office recommends and stresses annual dental check ups at least once a year.

  • Poorly fitting dentures can harm your mouth. Constant irritation over a long period of time will contribute to the development of sore or worse tumors.
  • As your mouth changes, adjustments for loose or uncomfortable dentures will be needed. Please do not adjust or repair them yourself! Improper repair or adjustment can cause you serious harm or irreparably damage the denture. See our office for any problems with your denture.
  • If your mouth changes a great deal, new dentures often must be designed. The average life span of a denture is 6-10 years.

Don’t neglect your mouth. Have a yearly check-up in our office. Your oral heath and your general well-being depend on each other, protect them both. Prevention is the most affordable dental care.

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